Anti-Dump Mechanism

We have also inbuilt our own "World's Best ADM(Anti-Dump Mechanism) into our contract.
Unlike other coins, you will never see a dump with DualMiner, because of our ADM. There is a 1-5% cash out limit per day of your total tokens. This will create a passive income for everyone daily!
How it works:
Withdraw 1-25% out of your daily amount for passive income
Calculations in example you have 1000 tokens:
Day 1 Market Cap = 1Million at $1, withdraw 25% = $250
Day 2 Market Cap = 2Million at $2, withdraw 25% = $500
Day 3 Market cap = 3Million at $3, withdraw 25% = $750
Day 5 Market cap = 5Million at $5, withdraw 25% = $1250
Day 10, Market cap = 10Million at $10, withdraw 25% = $2500
And it will constantly grow because there will be no whale manipulation of chart ! And this will go on as long as infinity unlike other high APY tokens which can't even survive 1 month or less. This will create a passive and steady income for everyone. Everyone loves buying on Green chart !
Last modified 7mo ago