Dual Miner(native token)

Not only we are creating a single passive income for our miner, we are also creating a 2nd income for everyone. we know how everyone loves investments. So DualMiner itself is a token as well, by holding Dualminer Token, your asset will appreciate as an investment too.

How Much Can I Expect to earn in this DualMiner Token and Miner itself ?

At the end of 12 months, and with US$1000 of $DualMiner Token invested,

You can earn up to US $43,800 of $DualMiner worth at 4380% APR*.

This is calculated at day 1 of launch eg, $1 without accounting of price DualMiner token increases. Which obviously it could go up far more than that.
That is not all ! This is just Dualminer token itself, and we still have our Miner which will generate you passive income weekly !
Last modified 6mo ago