The first Ever AUTO-WITHDRAWAL miner: All other baked bean forks/ different miners in the crypto space requires you to compound or withdraw manually. Here we are creating the first ever auto-withdrawal miner. Because all of us has work to do and time to spend with our families, why not AUTO withdrawal when you are sleeping or working ?
FORGET ALL THE unreasonable HIGH 300K or 900K APY.they don't work out and die within few days to weeks, why ? To sustain that, they need 1-2k new holders with 1-2 million volume per day hence every single HIGH APY is dying. Just straight-forward:
  • 12% AUTO-WITHDRAWAL in DUALMINER Token rewards when u Mined.
  • Take back your capital initial investments on the 9th withdrawal.
  • earn 8% referral rewards in DUALMINER Token from their depositing amount.
  • Our tips:
  • Hold till the 9th withdrawal and get 108% and withdraw - your initial capital investment is back.
  • Get as many referrals as possible to earn their deposit fees instead of it going back to the blockchain.